MHRADeficiencies.com consists of a large collection of GMP and GDP deficiencies from the UK competent authority - the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). These inspection deficiencies and Post Inspection Letters have been provided under UK Freedom of Information laws and are presented in a uniquely searchable format.

For the first time, real inspection deficiency texts can be searched, analysed and evaluated. This offers great benefits to a variety of professionals. For example:

  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • QA Professionals
  • Inspection Readiness teams
  • Self Inspection & Corporate audit groups

The deficiency database offers a range of features for example:

  • Searchable database of real MHRA deficiencies including the actual wording of the finding/deficiency
  • Powerful search function including:
    • Key word
    • Inspector
    • Dates
    • Inspection Type
    • Company
    • EU GMP Chapter & Annex Reference

Equip your teams with a powerful tool to evaluate common deficiencies, hot topics and typical issues across a wide range of GMP and GDP areas. Integrate this information into your continuous improvement activities and drive GMP compliance to new standards.